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So, when asking for their cost to build they may tell you it cost them $45.00 a sq ft. This was their experience when building but, for you, it will may not be. Another example could be my barndo is 1200 sq ft and cost me $100,000 to build, yours is exact 1200 sq ft and cost you $200,000.

As we’ve already mentioned, the cost-per-square-foot of a barndominium really depends upon the location, the materials you use, the features you choose and the builder you work with, amongst others. They can start as low as $40 per square foot and go up to $125 per square foot or even higher.

Barndominium Shop Area Shop Size None 30’x20′ standard shop ,000.00 30’x30′ Standard Shop $36,000.00 30’x40′ Standard Shop $48,000.00 30’x50′ Standard Shop $60,000.00 30’x60′ Standard Shop $72,000.00

NAHB (National Association of home builders) 2015 data supported these figures with an average total construction cost of $103.29 per sft. This is before General Contractor’s (GC) overhead, profit, financing, marketing and sales costs and does not include the price of land.

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When we started with our grand plan to build a barndominium. People don’t do what you expect. They do what you inspect. If you want quality work, be there. Things cost more to get done when you.

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The steel construction of a barndominium is more economical than a conventional stick-built home. According to author and homebuilder Carl Heldmann, the cost to build a house ranges from $80 to $120 per square foot and up, depending on the design and materials.

While considering this option our first consideration was cost. It costs $2,500 for the connection and then a per foot charge to dig a trench and lay the waterline to the house. Since we are about mile off the road we knew this was going to be costly. On top of that there is a $90/month charge whether you used an ounce of water or not.

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